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Turn your house into a home.

Make sure your home looks good from every angle. Bluff City Fence overs a wide variety of services to keep your home looking great from mailbox repair and replacement to weatherproofing your fence.

Weatherproof and Stain Your Fence with Wood Defender.

Wood Defender is the smart way to make your outdoor projects last. Their innovative oil-based formula preserves wood from water, mildew and sun damage – plus it only requires a single coat for sleek coverage without any excess runs or brush marks. Best of all, you can choose from over a dozen colors so that everything looks perfect in every design style!

Over time wood fencing, decks and concrete patios and driveways start to show wear and tear due to our southern climate and the nature of these semi-porous materials. Standard cleaning methods can remove the surface stains but will not remove the deep residue of the stains. Improper cleaning can possibly cause further damage to a fence, deck, or concrete.Pressure washing with cleaning detergent is the most effective way with concrete; however, other options are available to protect your wood.

Do you need a proven solution for cleaning, staining or sealing on fencing and decks?

Depending on the age of the material, we perform a light chemical wash and if needed, sand the product to remove algae. Once that has dried with correct moisture content, Bluff City Fence Company will flood coat an oil base stain of your choice from our stain color selection. Our stain has built in sealer to add longer life to your fence or deck, so once your material has been stained it is sealed and ready for your enjoyment.

Memphis Mailbox Repair and Replacement services.

Mailboxes are a staple of the American front yard, harkening back to a time when mail meant much more than unwanted advertisements and bills. Mailboxes evoke a sense of tradition and security that few other items in the front yard can, and there is no other item as important to your personal security.