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Security and Style for Your Property

Have peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property – gate systems can add an air of sophistication to any fence while keeping those close to you out of harm’s way!

Improve Your Property Value with an Automatic Entry Gate System.

Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area, protecting your most valued possessions be it your home or business. Commercial gates are used for security, controlling vehicle traffic, protecting property and protection for your employees. Residential gates will give your property the perfect finishing touches to your fencing, protecting what you cherish most, your family.

How do automatic entry gates work?

Automatic gate openers are a convenient way to unlock your entryway without having to lift a finger! Using credentials or an access device, the control panel signals either an above-ground swinging arm, sliding mechanism or underground motorized system to do all of the hard work for you. Whatever option works best for your home will ensure easy breezy access every time!

How are Automatic Entry Gates Powered?

With an automatic gate opener, you have the freedom to select from a range of power sources – solar energy for environmentally conscious mindsets; batteries if your property is not located near other electrical systems; and electronic options that make use of existing outlets. Whichever source suits your needs best will depend on budget limitations, size requirements and site layout specifics!