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If you are in the market for a new fence, you may have come across ornamental fencing. In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of ornamental fencing so that you can make the most informed solution for the fence that best suits your needs.


An ornamental fence can be made of steel, aluminum, or wrought iron and is designed to add beauty, security, and character to your property. Ornamental fences can make a business or home stand out in the neighborhood for years and years to follow.


  • Versatility: Ornamental fences can be built around a number of different properties, including businesses and residential homes and apartment complexes.

  • Beauty: Ornamental fences are beautiful, and they enhance the curb appeal of any home or business that they are in front of. The materials used can be made in many different styles and can instantly improve the look of your home, business, and the surrounding landscape.

  • Security: Another benefit of ornamental fencing is that it can be used to enhance both the security and privacy of a home or business. The fencing can be used to keep intruders out of a business or home, whether human or animal. It can also be used to close off a pool from children and animals and keep pets enclosed within your property. Depending on the height and design of your ornamental fencing, it can provide you with the upmost privacy. Ornamental fences with intricate patterns will obscure the view of your property from a distance. Ornamental fencing is also extremely difficult to climb, making it nearly impossible to break into. For maximum security from your ornamental fencing, make sure that it is tall and has posts that are close together.

  • Durability: The material that is used for ornamental fencing is strong and durable. They can withstand inclement weather for years and years, showing no signs of deterioration. What’s more, ornamental fencing requires very little maintenance and provides a lifetime of beauty. In fact, ornamental fencing is commonly known as “100-year fencing” due to its durability. If, for some reason, there is any minor damage to any part of your ornamental fence, it can easily be fixed without having to be replaced.

  • Increase the property value: When you install an ornamental fence, you are automatically boosting your property value.

  • Corrosion and rust-resistant: This type of fencing does require painting unlike most fences. Ornamental fences are made of metal materials and will stay looking brand new through the years of hot Tennessee summers and rainy springs and winters. At Bluff City Fence, we use high-quality materials and a powder coat process to ensure that you will be able to enjoy a fencing solution that will last for many years without the need for undue maintenance.

  • Many design options: Ornamental comes in a ton of different designs and shapes, which means more options for you to choose from to find the ornamental fencing that matches your tastes and meets your needs.

  • Eco-friendly: The benefits of ornamental fencing stretch much farther than just beauty and privacy; it is also an environmentally friendly fencing solution. Ornamental fencing will not need to be replaced frequently, as we already touched on, but this is a significant benefit to the environment. There is also the chance for recycling and repurposing because since iron fencing lasts so long, it is often sold at vintage or antique shops and repurposed and reused. When your ornamental fencing finally reaches its final days, it can be recycled and can even make you a pretty penny from a scrap metal dealer.

While you can expect to pay more upfront for ornamental fencing, the investment is well worth it in the long run due to the host of benefits this type of fencing solution provides homeowners. If you are looking for fencing that provides a high level of security, privacy, and style, look no further than ornamental fencing.


At Bluff City Fence Company, we understand you want to protect what matters most – your children, your pets, and your property. A stylish, durable fence eases anxiety and helps safeguard your home so you can feel sure and secure. We offer a wide range of fencing solutions for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today. We would love to chat about how we can build the perfect fence for you.

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