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A new driveway gate is just the beginning!

If you have a driveway gate for your home or business, you know how tiresome it can be to have to get out of your vehicle every time you leave or come home – the easy solution is to add automation to your gate. Not only does it make entry and exit a simple process, you have the added security of staying inside your vehicle until you’re safely home. Bluff City Fence Company provides installation of Liftmaster automated gate operators for all kinds of gates – single swing gates, double swing gates, and even sliding gates. Liftmaster gate operators also come with battery backup, which can power your gates in the case of power outages for 2 weeks up to a month, depending on your usage. 

Automated gate operators are better than ever these days.

With multitudes of ways to control access to your property. MyQ is an option that we offer for our customers that allows you to control the function of your gate from anywhere in the world from your phone, with cameras available to see who is pulling up to your gate. There are even options to connect your garage door to the app for ease of use. For commercial business owners, you can assign access codes to individual employees to be able to monitor and keep track of who is entering your property. HOAs and apartment complexes can make great use of callboxes and gate operators to limit the amount of unwanted traffic in residential areas.

Not just making your life easier, but adding to your safety as well.

There are plenty of options for security and safety that can be added to your gate operator in addition to the standard photo eye. Some of those include Firebox, SOS Siren for emergency vehicles, and magnetic locks that are wired into the operator that can keep your gate from being opened. You can also include an exit loop to enable easy exit for businesses, where a vehicle only needs to pull up to a gate in order to open on its own. If providing electricity to the area your gate operator is located is difficult, you can see if a solar panel is an option for your gate operator – this depends on the amount of natural light that your gate location receives. 

Automation is a rapidly evolving technology, and more and more is becoming possible as time goes on. From cameras to long-distance use, you can feel more in control of who has access to your home or business. From safety to security, a gate operator may be the thing to make your life just a little easier and worry-free.

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